NANOG 91: Keynote & Conference Kit Announcement 📢 + More

Announcing NANOG 91 Keynote!
Juniper Networks’ Kireeti Kompella Will Present “Network Digital Twin”

SVP and Chief Engineer for the AWAN BU in Juniper Networks, Kompella, will discuss “digital twins” and how they are used in many contexts.

As networks ramp up on automation, this is a logical next step. This talk will describe what a network digital twin is, what form it could take, how it can be instantiated, what one can do with an NDT, and in what use cases an NDT becomes vital.


Guest Blog: RPKI ROV Deployment Reaches Major Milestone!
BGP Experts Kentik’s Doug Madory + Fastly’s Job Snijders Review the Latest RPKI ROV Deployment Metrics

Why it’s Worth Your Time: For the first time in the history of RPKI (Resource Public Key Infrastructure), the majority of IPv4 routes in the global routing table, are covered by ROAs (Route Origin Authorizations) according to the NIST RPKI Monitor. IPv6 crossed this milestone late last year.


NANOG 91 Conference Kit Available!
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Help us spread the word about NANOG 91! Our new NANOG 91 Conference Kit is available. Our website contains all N91 materials, including messaging, logos, and graphics, needed to promote our next meeting. Download and share with your community today!


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