NANOG 70 network diagram and upstream

Just a small thing, but as one of the folks who used to work on the core
network gear of AS11404, the network diagram has something in it that might
confuse attendees as to who is really sponsoring the upstream:

AS11404 was formerly known as Spectrum Networks, acquired in 2013 by
Wavedivision Holdings LLC (Wave Broadband) and became the backbone of the
Wave network. It's a totally different thing than the Charter service which
is trademarked as as Spectrum.

The logo in the right side bubble there shouldn't be the Charter/Spectrum
trademarked font, but rather should be Wave, who built the dark fiber into
the hotel and are providing the upstream. The last mile fiber into the
hotel is Wave.



Wow, a ~2 million dollar boundary (dual PTX1000's) for the NANOG 70 conference.... geez


And the 4x100G. That's four times the capacity of the network I work for.
~100k subs.

Disclaimer: Not an employee of NTT, but I was last Bellevue NANOG.

Last time in Bellevue with the Comcast (dark) and Wave (dim) fiber we had 220G with diverse building entrances. Many people made fun of me for the overkill. It peaked at 1.1Gb/s as WWDC was at the same time and at least one person plugged in to the wired station to download the latest developer tools.

WWDC overlaps this time as well, and I believe there will be some additional wired ports available, so bring your thunderbolt and USB to Ethernet adapters. :slight_smile:

- Jared

Yeah, I was wondering about that 4x100G. is that a necessity or a "because we can" move?

Doesn't cost a lot to use the regional shelf spares stocked by Juniper for
a couple of days...

Looks like the network diagram was updated and they ended up with just 2x 10Gb circuits from Wave. I guess the 100Gb connections and redundant carriers fell through?


Yes, frankly, it doesn't cost us (NANOG) anything - the sponsors like to do
it for the "cool" factor, and so long as it's not an undue burden on us,
they can throw as much bandwidth at us as they'd like.