NANOG 59 - Monday presentations on YouTube

Yes, very awesome!

Wanted to take a quick moment to thank Sylvie, Betty and rest of the
outgoing (past included) Board members for a job well done. So far has
NANOG come and in such a short time. Great work everyone.



+1 excellent job.


I'd also like to thank the members for voting in much greater numbers than are normally seen, and for having the good sense to elect three new board members that I'm sure will do a better job than I would have done!

This all adds up to a good result for NANOG. I like it.


*I* voted for you. Maybe I should have voted more than once?

I'm hoping that the pages will be updated soon with the results:

It really seems that NANOG is well on the way to becoming a going
concern. I may actually make the trek to Bellevue (which has the
virtue of being closer to home).

This probably belongs on the members list, but yes, the progress made by the organisation to date is very impressive. Costs are down, attendance is up, sponsorship is up, venues and dates have been locked in for the next two years, and the strategic plan looks entirely sane.

(the programme here in Phoenix was great too, in my opinion, big thumbs up to the PC)