NANOG 42 Peering BOF XVII and APRICOT 2008 Peering Forum

Hi all -

In about a month (starting Feb 17 specifically) there will be two back-to-back events specifically for network engineers and peering coordinators;
at NANOG 42, Feb 19, we will have the 17th Peering BOF
(, and the following week,
at APRICOT 2008, Feb 25-26 there will be an AP Peering Forum
( held in Taipei, Taiwan.

I need volunteer speakers and topics for both of these, and if you are a network operations person, I bet you might have a story to share with the group ! I’m looking for stories of interest to the peering community, such as:

What processes did you use to transition an upgrade to your network? What worked well and what did not?

What did you wish you knew when you built into and throughout different regions or countries? How did you select these locations (transport, transit, peering costs? attractive market? customers?)

What was unexpected, or what lessons learned would you share with folks who would walk in your footprints? (technical, business, ops, legal, etc.)

How did you decide which countries to build into, and what were the hidden costs and snafus?

Basically, anything you would like to hear or would like to have heard would be appropriate.

I have 45 minutes left to fill in the NANOG Peering BOF and a lot of time left for the APRICOT Peering Forum. If you can share your experiences on these or other topics at either or both of these forums, please send me a note ASAP.

Also, we will once again have the Peering Personals at the Peering BOF and at the APRICOT Peering Forum, providing a chance for peering coordinators to introduce themselves to the group, describe their network and the types of networks they would like to peer with. If you would like to stand up and introduce yourself to the group, please fill out and send me the Peering Personals Form below.

Thanks -

William B. Norton for the Fabulous Internet Traveling Circus

PS - Here is the URL to my working copy of the NANOG 42 Peering BOF Agenda - send me an email with additions, corrections, comments, etc. If you would like to edit the agenda that can be arranged as well:

-------------------------------- Peering Personals Form -------------------------

Peering Coordinator

  1. Name: _____
  2. email: _____

3) AS#: ______
4) Peering Locations Now: ______
5) Peering Locations (Planned or future): _____
6) Transit traffic volume: ___ Mbps or Gbps
7) Traffic mostly outbound or inbound? ______
8) What are you looking for in a peer? ______ (I’ll ask this when you stand up to introduce yourself)
9) Why should folks want to peer with you? _____ (I’ll ask this also when you stand up)

This information will appear on the screen behind you as you introduce yourself to the Peering BOF community. That way they can jot down whatever info they need and can put a face to a company, and hopefully have a discussion about peering at the break. We have found this to be a valuable way to facilitate the interaction between people who may not have an easier way to meet each other while at NANOG or APRICOT.

I will allocate spots for 5 or so peering personals.
---------------------------- /Peering Personal Form ------------------------------