NANOG 39 BOF: Pushing the FIB limits, perspectives on pressures confronting modern routers.

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We've been working on putting together a BOF for NANOG 39 titled:

  Pushing the FIB limits, perspectives on pressures confronting
  modern routers

My intent with this BOF was to gather the interested parties to look at
when current router/switch architectures run out of TCAM or SRAM on the
line-cards (depending on flavor) to hold the fib, and potentially what's
being done about it.

The scalability of BGP has been presentation fodder for a couple NANOG
meetings now, ultimately though running a router hinges on having the
data you need in the fib. Comparatively buying more ram for, or scaling
your rp is a problem, but not an immediately intractable one. There are
a number of forces putting pressure on the FIB, IPV4 de-aggregation and
multi-homing, traffic engineering, intra-provider vpn engineering, etc.
Buying new hardware is obviously one approach, but some operators have
stated to me that they are pursuing alternatives such as aggressive

If you are going to be at NANOG 39 and you have an interest in the
subject or perspective you'd like to offer please attend the BOF. If
you'd like some time on the agenda, mail me and we'll add you.

Joel Jaeggli