NANOG 33 Peering BOF VIII Notes

For those of you who could not attend or listen in to the Peering BOF
VIII Monday evening:

Here are my notes from the NANOG 33 Peering BOF VIII held late Monday
Night...(comments welcome.)

We started the Peering BOF VIII at 9:00 PM Monday Night, and we voted
on the ranking of the nine issues that peering folks shared with Bill
as "Things on the mind of Peering Coordinators in 2005":
1. Peering vs. Transit tradeoff 33
2. Capacity Planning for Peering 10
3. Traffic Analysis Tools Needed 15
4. Comcast still doesn't peer 14
5. De-peering 1
6. Remote Peering 3
7. VOIP Peering 15
8. Peer2Peer Traffic (40%-70%) 6

It was interesting that so many people said that "Peering vs. Transit
tradeoff" was highest on the list, and that this was by a factor of
2:1 over the next largest issues. The next three items of interest to
the Peering Community were Traffic Analysis Tools (15), VOIP Peering
(15) and "Comcast still not Peering" (14).