NANOG 32 PGP key signing

Those of you attending NANOG 32 are encouraged to submit your public PGP
key to take part in the regular key signing event.

Even if you may not be able to attend the group PGP key signing event,
but will be at NANOG 32, you are encouraged to submit your key anyway.
You can always meet up with other PGP key users and sign keys on your
own time. Adding your public key to NANOG 32's key ring is easy. Just
upload your public key here:


or send me an email with your PGP public key inline with the subject
'NANOG PGP key' if you'd rather and I'll do it for you.

As usual, the group PGP signing event will occur following the nsp-sec
BoF on Monday night. Full details for the NANOG 32 PGP signing event
can be found here:


Feel free to drop me an email offlist if you need any assistance,
particularly if you are setting up PGP for the first time.