NANOG 29 hotels

Gah, the hotels seem to have suddenly all got booked up.

Can anyone recommend a hotel close to NANOG29, sub $200/night room rate,
with internet access in the room, with availability 18-22 Oct? I can't find
any on the list on with availability (or are > $200/night).


Thanks all for the recommendations - I managed to get $120/night @ Hotel 71 via, but even that is not showing any more (so I guess I got the
last room).


I have a twin room in the Marriott 18th-22nd (no ARIN), and am happy to share
for half the cost with anyone who knows me.


] (so I guess I got the last room).

You may have. There is a convention of surgeons running at the same
time as NANOG. The good news is that I can be assured of quick
resuscitation if we run out of coffee. :slight_smile:

Do they have to know you *before* you share the room? Because they
certainly will afterwards, but you didn't specify prior knowledge... <grin>

- Matt