Nanog 24, Miami FL

The UO & Cisco Systems are once again multicasting NANOG sessions:

NANOG 24 is being held in Miami, FL February 11 & 12 and the
agenda can be found here:

Sessions cover topics including: peering, isis routing, mpls &
more - Details of the braodcast can be found here:

In SDR & the session names will be:

     NANOG 24 (H.261)
     NANOG 24 (MPEG1)

If you're not using SDR, the session information will be:

     video -
     audio -

     video -
     audio -

To pick up client software see:

You can test your multicast connectivity here:

Lucy E. Lynch Academic User Services
Computing Center University of Oregon (541) 346-1774/Cell: 912-7998