NANOG 14 thanks

I wanted to thank everyone who came and helped with NANOG 14. It was an
absolute pleasure to meet everyone who attended. If there is a regret it's
that we wish there was time to met with everyone there. Our engineers were
universally excited and greatful to have the opportunity to exchange
experiences with all those they spoke with. It was an honor as well as a
pleasure to host nanog. I highly recommend it to anyone even considering
it. It may look like work but it was all Fun.

Thanks again to all especially the Merit folks. Next time no
oversubscription factor on the power strips. 1 strip per attendee a must!!


PS-Anyone needing power strips or anything else for another NANOG I think
we may be able to help. And next time PLEASE dont flood ping Bellsouth,
they have no sense of humor!

Thank you,
David Diaz
Chief Technical Officer
Netrail, Inc

pager: 888-576-1018
office: 888-NETRAIL
Fax: 404 522-2191

Colo facilities: Atlanta-NAP, Miami, Arlington, Chicago, San Francisco