"Naive" (not so stupid) Newbie bashfully seeks help

Ok, I wont' approach the mailbomb subject. I've been on the list for a
week, but haven't seen anything applying to my ignorance gap--which is
considerable. Can anyone help this fledgling with his problems?

- Small US office has 56kb satellite link to India office
- 56kb connected using Bay Networks AN Router & IP/RIP
- Same US office just brought up T1 Frame-relay line through national ISP
- T1 connected using Cisco 1005 Router & ....I think IP/RIP??
- US office server is WinNT 4.0 & workstations are Win95

PROBLEMS... (This I know of so far)
- Office computers (PCs) can use either 56k or T1, but not both
- If both are designated in PC's TCP/IP Protocol properties, can't get
  either to work
- People in INDIA office cannot see T1 line or Internet at large

- How do I get Routers working together so that US PCs can see India &
  Internet networks and India PCs can see US & Internet networks?

Sorry for my ignorance. I'm learning some stuff from InterNIC, Cisco &
BayNetworks, but thought one of you might help accelerate my learning curve.