my problem or AT&T's?

We are AS35985 and provide transit for AS36845. Currently, AS7018 is
able to route to us (AS35985), but not our customer (AS36845). I have
checked every looking glass and traceroute site I can think of. Every
network I have tried has a route through us to AS36845 except AS7018. I
of course checked AT&T's looking glass and didn't find a route to our
customer. I would expect AT&T to have a route to our customer via
AS1299, but they don't.

Any thoughts?


Have you contacted AT&T to have your network's BGP filter updated?
(This way they would be able to accept your customers route via your
peer with them)

If not, please contact your sales rep, or email me privately for the
information. This is not something for the nanog mailing list.