Did you hear? EoL was revoked December 2022… I’m so glad, I like and use the MX204 and the MPC7E-MRATE

TSB69626 - 12/5/2022 - Revoke End of Life Announcement: MX204

TSB69631 - 12/2/2022 - Revoke End of Life Announcement: MPC7E-MRATE, MPC7E-MRATE-RTU

Yes, the decision was made in November of last year, but only communicated to customers in December. Apparently, the shortage of chips for the MX204 and MPC7E is now resolved, and there is no longer any need to force customers to move to the MX304. Mark.

There is still just Micron for HMC, and as far as I can find, they've
not revoked their EOL. You can't find the HMC product page from Micron
'products' anymore, and hardly any mentions anywhere. Everyone is now
focusing on HBM3.

Whatever led to this problem, and what led to this EOL revocation is
not something Juniper has communicated.

If I'd have to stab in the dark based on nothing, I'd imagine they
forgot HMC is no longer shipping, and then panicked and EOLd all HMC
boxes, until someone did more work, and gathered they probably can
support a few HMC platforms with existing HMC parts they have.
I would be very uneasy committing to HMC gear, unless I'd have a
better understanding of what the problem was, and why it is no longer
a problem. My concern would be, if they were wrong once to EOL all,
then wrong again to revoke some EOL, can I trust them now to have HMC
parts for any RMAs I have down the life expectancy. Not at all
uncommon to run a box for a decade in SP network, and Juniper released
all-new HMC gear, after Micron announced HMC EOL.

For HBM there is Samsung, Hynix and Micron coming up, so HBM seems
safe. Unclear how safe HBM2 is now, as HBM3 is shipping, for the life
expectancy SP gears have. Obviously most of the market moves faster,
no one is going to run HBM2 GPUs decade from now. We are a kinda
shitty market, few units, long sales times, long cycles.

What I've been able to gather is that Micron indicated that they could support another "couple" of years of the MX204 and MPC7E. After that, it's all up in the air again.

Considering how popular the MX204 is, and just how much the MX304 does not offer the same value, makes sense for Juniper to milk it while they can.

Personally, I'm okay with it. If they EoL the MX204 in some years from now, I have no problem running it until it's on its last legs. With the way things are going, we don't really have the same luxuries we used to when it comes to refresh cycles.