Muni Fiber redux: nuts and volts

Last May we talked at some length about municipally owned wholesale fiber,
and whether it was a commercially feasible idea.

For those who have a few minutes (I figure, it's a holiday; the Whacky Weekend
starts early :-), I'd like some advice, input, pointers, or the like, on
exactly how you *do* this these days. I'm looking at 2.8 square miles of
city, about 10k connections or so. I'm inclined to say trunking should be
underground; I'm not sure if the drops need to be as well, though this *is*
Florida; One Big Storm probably eats up even the 6x differential I've been
told trenching the drops cost.

What sort of ONT would one use for this? I am assuming it's impractical to
do layer 1 and just move patch cords around; I'll have to work at layer 2,
and supply to my wholesale customers some termination interface that extends
them to the GigE or DOCSIS coax coming out the other end of the box...?

Are there installation contractors with packaged proposals for this sort
of thing, at this point?

-- jra