Multicast video stream to EIA analog channel

Hello all,

I am new to the mailing list and wanted to pick some of your guys brains about something. I work for a small cable service provider. What I am trying to do is receive a multicast stream, modulate it and send it out as an EIA analog channel.

I know there is equipment built for this specific reason(RGP SEP, APEX1000, etc) but this is just going to be a temporary fix as we are doing a total video overhaul and moving to all MPEG4 capable equipment. I figured there is a way to accomplish this with linux as my budget isn't very large, but all of my reasearch hasn't really helped so I'm reaching out to you. Has anyone ever done this? or know of any good reference sites for this?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,
Matt Bernardi


Computers (Linux or otherwise) don't have RF modulators. I do not
know of a single-channel IP-in analog modulator (I looked at Blonder
Tongue, Drake and Pico Digital).

It is possible to cobble together a Linux system running VideoLAN
<> player, and get analog audio and video out of
the computer, and pipe that into an analog modulator.

Dave Devereaux-Weber
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dave, thanks for the advice. I thought about using VLC but could figure out how to modulate it to the proper EIA channel. I figured someone would've made a PCI-E card that has a RF interface w/ upconverter built-in. The only one I found was from DEKTEC and they only modulate to digital signals not analog. I'll start playing with that today!

Thanks again.