Multicast LDP or P2MP RSVP & LDP

Hi All,

I just want to know about the deployment of Multicast LDP or P2MP RSVP and
LDP is available from any vendor or they are still in draft status? Also it
will be great if some one can give me an idea of Multicast VPN deployment in
service providers; are they deployed with draft Rosen GRE based solution or
BGP auto discovery mechanism?

Thanks in advance for help...


Hi Devang,

To the best of my knowledge, the only current P2MP LSP implementation available is in JunOS [0]. The guys at Juniper wrote a draft relating to their experience with scaling and implementing P2MP MVPN [1], which is worth a look -- this draft mentions that IOS XR has an implementation, although I struggled to find any documentation that confirms this.

Both the LDP-based [2] P2MP standard are still in draft status, but the extensions required in RSVP-TE for signalling P2MP paths are in RFC4875 [3].

From a couple of discussions I've had, there are not very many people using this functionality -- with most common application being IPTV. For traditional transport of multicast over an SP core, it's often easier to provide some AToM/L2VPN service.

Hope this helps somewhat.

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Can you share some documentation with me on how to configure as well as any
kind of configuration example will be great help.



Thanks for your reply and link. Do you have any good white paper or scenario
based example to share?