Multi-homing with Sprint

If this is not a proper topic, please respond off-list.

I currently run a business out of my home which requires multiple VPNs. I
currently have a 4xT1 (6 Mbps bonded) connection with a local ISP who peers
with Cogent (AS 174), Global Crossing (AS 3549) and BTN (AS 3491). They
used to peer with AT&T (AS 7018) and Level 3 (AS 3356) but much to my dismay
they no longer peer with them. This has caused some occasional problems
with my VPNs that happen to go thorough Cogent to get to their destination.
I am expanding my business and will need more bandwidth soon. I have
decided to Multi-home with another provider instead of adding more bandwidth
with my current ISP.

I narrowed my choices to UUNET (MCI), Sprint, AT&T and Level3. Of those
four, Sprint seems to be the most reliable from info I have read, they have
a local peer about 5 miles from my house, plus two of my heavier bandwidth
VPN clients use Sprint and like them. Pricewise they are faily competitive
(cheaper than AT&T and UUNET, more expensive than Level3).

My thought was to use the /24 block I already have and get another 4xT1 with
Sprint. If anyone has any experience with Sprint, good or bad, I would
appreciate the feedback.

Thanks in advance.

Edward W. Ray
CISSP, MCSE 2003+Security, P.E., SANS GCIA Gold, SANS GCIH Gold