Multi-day GNSS Galileo outage -- Civilization survives

So much for the disaster scenarioes about a global clamity, planes falling out the sky, the end of civil society because a global navigation satellite system fails. The European Galileo GNSS was down for days, and life went on.

I guess disasters exercise planners now need a new technical failure for table top exercises.

• NAGU number 2019025 on 2019-07-11 14:45 on the potential service degradation;
• NAGU number 2019026 on 2019-07-13 20:15 on the service outage;
• NAGU number 2019027 on 2019-07-18 08:20 on the service recovery;

It wasn't even in full production, and I am not aware of much equipment that solely relies on Galileo.

A lot of devices today can use multiple GNSS and this is great, as this incident shows that one of them can go offline. Relying on only one of them is risky.

This outage and its lack of ramifications doesn't imply that if GPS went offline there woulnd't be consequences. Galileo is just a few years old, and wasn't even in production. If GPS would go offline, you'd see a lot different fallout. Lots of things rely on GPS solely.

Worthwhile noting however that they’re not reliably pushing notifications to people on their notifications list.

Worthwhile checking fundamentals you do depend on with your own low level monitoring.


I suspect the Vatican was involved :slight_smile: