MTU of the Internet?

> Actually I think there is a fair bit of awareness among the "users" out
> there - at least among those that are actually changing their MTU's...

I recently discovered that some of my customers have been led to
believe that they should employ a program called "Turbo MTU" (or some
such), which apparently has knobs for every tiny detail of Windows
95's TCP/IP stack. Since these are often the same type of customers
who simply change every setting they can at random, I should not be
suprised that they encounter performance problems.

IMHO, most of the people out there changing their windows 95 have no idea
what it is. They were just told by someone to do it, and when they see
it does make an improvement, they think they have an "underground" source
to secret information used primarily be Internet experts. I've heard at
least one CNE tell someone it was a "Microcomputer Timeout Unit". I wonder
who is the most ignorant in some of these cases.