MTU of the Internet?

Marc Slemko writes:

Once again, HTTP/1.1 does _not_ allow multiplexing multiple transfers
simlultaneously in a single TCP connection. Multiple responses are

I think the confusion here is due to Paul's use of the term "serial
multiplexing" where he qualified it with "serial" to indicate that
one-at-a-time situation. When I read it I wasn't sure if "serial"
meant to be that or meant to describe a kind of multiplexing over a
serial stream. But given the HTTP 1.1 that I knew had a persistent
connection that allowed additional requests, I suspected that he was
referring to this. But the term "multiplexing" by itself implies
concurrency. While at the microsecond level it is one at a time,
but each channel isn't completed in those short durations. My worry
was that others might have assumed there was some new true multiplexing
protocol for HTTP. I've not heard of one, but even I wondered of one
I might have not heard of (and I don't keep track of all the protocols
out there).

As I noted before, total transfer time for all the responses that make up
one document in the client is not the metric that client vendors are
trying to optomize and is not what most users care about.

If it were, we'd probably see pages with all text, like the web once used
to be before it became commercialized.