mrtg alternative


I am currently using MRTG and RRD to make traffic graphs. I am searching
for more modern alternatives that allows the user to dynamically zoom and
scroll the timeline.

Bonus points if the user can customize the graphs directly in the
webbrowse. For example he might be able to add or remove individual peers
from the graph by simply clicking a checkbox.

What is the 2016 tool for this?



We use observium. It has most of what you're looking for. Used to use cacti but switched a couple of months ago

We use Zenoss, pretty awesome and do the job.

Mohamed Kamal
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I like cacti:

InfluxDB + Grafana are a modern alternative from the DevOps space:

Zabbix works for me

We’re using Observium for trend collecting, graphing, and alerting.


Welcome to the future.

A friend was just showing me grafana this morning. I use rtg for a lot of bandwidth data / graphs, but I also have observium for a lot of extra stuff.

Kicked cacti to the curb a long time ago. rtg is really flexible, but the graphing isn't pretty.

Zabbix for monitoring/graphing/alerting
Can be used for maps and SLA measurements too

PRTG since years ... And smokeping for special things ...

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You might want to check out

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I strongly recommend Graphite to all my competitors! :slight_smile:


I went with InfluxDB and Grafana. It was exactly what I wanted.

Thanks for all the suggestions.



An alternative to Observium is LibreNMS, with a more liberal license/community.



LibreNMS is an opensource Observium's fork with some extra addons...

Take a look:

Similar in name but more comprehensive in scope, OpenNMS may also be worth a look. Disclosure: I work for the project's primary maintainer.


    Cacti works... Biggest case I know, ~180 devices. A few issues with
THold plugin but nothing that can't be fixed.

    And they are working on a new release (available thru github) which
include most of the useful plugins.


collectd has the features you mentioned (select/deselect , zoom...) and it is, quote: "built to scale".


Max M.

+1 on Observium.

I know I am late replying but I just installed it a couple weeks ago. It integrates with Smokeping, Rancid, CollectD, Syslo... Took me 1 day to setup on CentOS. Fantastic product so far!