MPLS L2VPN monitoring

Hello ,

For those who provide l2vpn services to customers over MPLS , what
kind of tools do you use for monitoring the circuits and what kind of
values do you proactively monitor

I have tools in place to monitor these circuits but i want to know
based on group members experiences in order to improve my monitoring
platform for this circuits.

Thanks a lot!


For example, cpwVcOperStatus for Cisco devices. Look at proprietary mibs

We deploy NIDs to the customer premise. You just can't get enough alarm data be looking only at your router/switch on your side of an Ethernet NNI to give you a proper indication of whether the service is functional, and it also happens to be quite handy to have when a performance test/verification is required.

There are a variety of vendors out there to choose from...we have quite a lot of Tellabs and Accedian out in the field.

I had hoped that last mile vendors would have been providing NIDs "smartjack" style by now in a fairly ubiquitous fashion, but alas none of them have stepped up to the plate so we're still putting them out there on our own dime.


We also use UNI NIDs that trap interface status, log interface and COS
queue statistics, and respond to y.1731 traffic.