MPLS acceptable latency?

I have some AT&T MPLS sites under a managed contract with latency
averaging 75-85 ms without any load. These sites are only 45 minutes
away. What is considered normal/acceptable?

What link speed?

Perhaps he's using ISDN or a T1?

Serialization delay is not to be ignored.

- Jared

The location in question is 7 T1s. They were not willing to give us fiber.

Your provider is likely backhauling the circuits opposite directions to PE
routers in a different geographic local than the sites. It's time to have
a discussion with your sales engineer about the physical pathing of your
circuits and PE router locations.

When I know I have latency critical circuits, I always insist on backhaul
to the same geographic region and/or Pe.

It's unlikely the MPLS or circuits themselves have anything to do with the
latency, assuming this is T1, Ethernet, or similar.

It's possible it could be a routing issue SP side, but is not as likely as
a general pathing issue.

It might be some T1 muxing issue