Motorola Canopy & Prizm

I'm looking for some help with Motorola's Prizm software which is used
for provisioning of subscriber modules with their Canopy wireless

We are having some issues with authentication of some customer's and I
believe it to be related to the management software (Prizm).

Is there anyone on this list with experience with this software?

May want to join the animal farm list which is a group of WISPs that run canopy systems.

We use canopy and prizm at our office. Are you having AP auth issues?

Over the past few days, a lot of our Subscriber Modules are no longer
authenticating with Prizm. If we turn authentication off on the AP,
they all immediately register.

It is not a signal issue, and it does not appear to be a license issue
as these customers have been connecting fine for months.

We are possibly using an older version of Prizm. We may attempt to
upgrade tonight.

It is not limited to one AP, one frequency, or even one geographic
area. It is very random and intermittent.

Prizm's logs are not helpful at all, and neither is Motorola's support.

Any suggestions or direction would be greatly appreciated.