Motion for a new POST NSF AUP

The motion on the table for a Post NSF AUP appears to be dying. The support
for my motion is weak in the early stages. I like the idea of PGP authentication
in list servers, except for the fact that adding PGP authentication to
list servers will greatly slow down the processing time of large lists.

The large public key rings required for large lists do not scale well.
Second, the use of PGP authentication would restrict list participation to
those with the ability to use PGP (this might be a *good* way to promote
PGP use, on the other hand)

Unless strong support for the AUP motion is observed today, I plan to
table the motion for a Post NSF AUP for the Internet. The general concensus
appears to be that an AUP would not be useful. I do not agree, but am
more than happy to withdraw my motion, given weak support the AUP idea
has received.

The ideas for PGP authentication merit further discussion, especially
the points above on reduced processing time with large public key rings.



I personally think slightly smarter exploders might go a long way. For
1) a list server that recognizes the "subscribe me" messages and informs
the subscriber without bothering the whole list,
2) an exploder that "suspends" messages with more than, say 6 lists
and newsgroups, and notifies the sender. If the sender is not a real
address, it automatically is purged.

you get the idea.


How about the sender must be on the list?