More undersea cable wars brewing in India

I think everyone has pretty much known that the
international cable companies are basically cartels --
leaking bandwidth into the market at a rate sufficient
enough to keep prices artificially high enough to (at
the very least) sustain fiscal margins.

This has been going on for years.

- fergie

I completely agree. In fact, I don't like the practice any more than the
next person on NANOG. I do, however, like the idea of sustainable growth.

I think they should, in the case of the Indian intercontinental
fibre fiasco, light up another fibre or two but I don't think lighting
them /all/ up right now is a smart move. I think there's really a nasty
balance issue and the people who will most complain are the poor
end users who end up with shoddy performance and unreliable uplinks.

(ObFun: Won't someone please think of the users!)


The FLAG FEA only has two pairs. There may be room for more wavelengths, though.