More Sidgemore on per-bit pricing

Unless I'm misunderstanding you, you've misunderstood me. :slight_smile:

I'm not talking about the card, I'm talking about my proportion of the
amount the guy I'm buying from has to pay for _his_ uplink.

Bandwidth Costs Money.

Oh I see. But you insert 'value added' inbetween, right? Or in the case
of Cable modems/home DSL for 50/mo, its probably better described as 'value

If I put 50 DSL T1's against 1 T1 uplink, I can pay a lot for uplink and it
still won't make much difference. As long as the DSL lines hit a web
cache and a newserver, everything is fine. When they don't, too bad, I
guess. Isn't USWest doing all of Phoenix on 4 T1's? Whats that come out
to? X,000 to 1?

It looks to me like the crucial cost factor is the cost of the home
equipment, and whether the customer pays for that or the ISP pays. It's
not the last mile, its the last 6 inches.