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Unnamed Administration sources reported that Sean Donelan said:

Unlike last Friday when no one really knew exactly what was in
the boxes, GPO has all weekend to prepare this time. They should
have enough copies at the GPO window for all the news media on
Monday morning so there is no need to beat up on the government
Internet servers.

They COULD open up distribution all weekend; but encrypted.
Then, release the key Monday.

(Oops, real encryption is an evil terrorist weapon with no valid
uses.... How could I have forgotten that?)

They could just release it encrypted with DES, and make it the next
key challenge :slight_smile:

Then you are creating a market whereby anyone with the ability to break
the code, whatever the code is, (either by brute force, or technical
skill) will have a distinct market advantage over their competitors (new
media outlets).


Heh, and what do you bet that the winnder of the key challenge would be
CNN, ABC, NBC, etc :wink:

Justin W. Newton
Got Clue? ISPF 98