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Sri Lanka court holds back Indian ship, seeks $5mn in damages

Press Trust of India
Colombo, August 23

A Sri Lankan court ordered that an Indian ship, which allegedly
damaged a submarine cable severing the island's main internet access
with the rest of the world, be held at the port of Colombo till a
case seeking five million US dollars in damages was settled.

The Colombo district court ordered that the vessel, 'State of Nagaland'
be held at the port where it is currently anchored until the case filed
by Sri Lanka Telecom is heard on September 6.

SLT, the island's main telecommunications provider said they want five
million dollars in damages and that internet, international dialling
and data services of 800,000 subscribers had been affected since

The ship is alleged to have dropped anchor and damaged the SEA-ME-WE
III cable linking Sri Lanka to the internet backbone.

Services will remain interrupted for at least another day or two until
a repair ship carries out its work.

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