More on Sri Lanka fiber outage....

Speaking on Deep Background, the Press Secretary whispered:

Built in 1978 and has seen real hard use every day it's been in service
as far as I can see from googling out the marine registry

I'm sure its owners (the Shipping Corporation of India) would be happy
to give them the ship for free.

As I figured...

Valuable? The consignment belongs to whoever consigned it, and I guess
all the shipper has to do is to remove it from the impounded ship and
book space on some other rust bucket. Should be fairly easy - those are
fairly crowded waters.

This I'm not sure about. The GTS Katie debacle involved holding
the cargo hostage; in at least that one case such was a nono.

[ObNANOG: Scyld, of Baewolf cluster fame, sublet office space
from the owners of the Katie. The sheriff showed up one day with
eviction notices for all.]