I hate to get involved in another CIX-bashing session, and I will try
really hard to avoid it. CIX does a lot of work in Washington D.C.,
going to FCC meetings and various congressional subcommittee meetings
and trying to represent the ISP/NSP point of view. I have no idea how
effective they are since I don't follow the details -- but they do seem
to keep busy.

My own part of the CIX universe is to maintain (and recently, to grow)
the CIX interconnect. We aren't the center of the Internet, but there
is no center of the Internet so I'm not feeling left out.

We're also plunging ahead with the IRTS project, I'll send a postscript
file to anyone who asks to see the original white paper on it.

This isn't meant to take away from Tim Bass' proposal, which might be
necessary and reasonable. I just hate to see statements of the form,
"CIX is a no-op" go unchallenged.

CIX was the original "NAP" so please be nice to it. If it has to die,
let it be in peace and with honours. And maybe it doesn't have to die,
so maybe you should give Bob Collet a call before you make up your mind.