I expect Mike that Tim is well aware of the history of the CIX which just

Thank you Gordon. Of course I am well aware of CIX. In another one
of my Don Quixote style 'quixotic' posts I asked the question directly
" where does all the CIX funding money ...?" if you recall, and my
call with sword in hand, windmill in sight was fell silently in the rain.

a year ago was reaching an all time low. Now Bob collet has done well
since he took over, but the CIX still does not have widespread support.
It formed a CIX mail list about a month ago. I joined. *NO* traffic.
It has never been able to communicate outside the bounds of its own
members and until it finds a way to do this successfully will not become
*THE* trade association that I think the industry really DOES need.

As a personal fan of Mr. Quixote, and a passionate romantic at heart
as well an hopeless romantic that believes in social conscious above
profit ....... IPSPA.ORG would.

1) Attempt to create very inexpensive NAPs that encourage small
  ISPs to participate;

2) Work openly and directly with the community to create a
  commerical internet position and policy that would hope
  to mitigate the untasteful image of the Internet as a
  enclave of lawless citizens;

3) Work openly and publically to create an image of Internet Citizen:

  i) The New American Dream;
  ii) A Link on Every Land;
  iii) Clean Unadulterated Enclaves for Our Children to Play;
  iv) Promote Internet based Educational services; including
    the ability to work on advance degrees on-line;
  v) Work to provide Internet Services for the members of
    or Society typically ignored in modern society;

    a) the elderly;
    b) the poor and socially disadvantaged;
    c) the handicapped; and
    d) the sick and dying.

I agree totally with Gordon. I am a passionate romatic out to change the
world and at 40 years old I thought that I had challenged my last windmill.

Until recently....

The Internet as such a tremendous and almost unlimited potential to
to good for the People we love and care about, bringing everyone
closer together in a time in history we all need to come together
on the things that unite us and laugh at the things that divide us.

Quixotically, as usual ....


What are we to do when in the middle of $$$ goldrush we essentially have
the internet composed of groups that other than keeping it operating
share very little in the way of common motivations and goals?

With the CIX I have seen a recognition of a need to change and some new
directions floated. Yet I have seen nothing to suggest that the
organizations policy has really reached outside that of ithe
organizations of its board members. Last time I looked at the CIX web
they touted about 200 members....all in a nice single list with no
distinction of how many had paid the $7,500 price of membership as
opposed to the new and minimal $1,000.

I believe that internet business model issues will be critical next
year. Starting with quality of service issues that hans Werner has
written about here and going on to issue of traffic or route based
settlements, and fall out from CIDR routing issues, there are straws in
the wind that could make 1996 a year of crunch by the largest two dozen
ISPs against the rest.

I perceive Tim's call as being directed at the rest..... most of which
are too busy trying to figure out how to cost effectively serve new
customers than to organize. I hear rumblings about a new world
federation of internet groups. Sounds good to me. Cause with the RBOCs
and Cable banging at the door, ISOC fumbling just as badly as the CIX,
people suggesting that the IETF needs to incorporate but no one there
finding time to do it, I sure do wonder who and/or what will ever manage
to preserve and protect the internet vision?

Is this something that got started at Telecomm 95 in Geneva?

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since i was not in geneva I cannot be sure.

I agree. Lets manage ourselves before we get managed.