more on Cleveland fiber cut
Vandals cut Internet line in Cleveland, causing online delays

Thieves seeking copper suspected in online glitch

Thursday, August 23, 2007
Shaheen Samavati
Plain Dealer Reporter

Notice your Internet connection acting up earlier this week?

You weren't alone.

Cleveland vandals - possibly copper thieves - probably caused
delays for millions of Internet users around the world on Sunday
night and much of Monday.

Near Euclid Avenue and East 65th Street, someone apparently used a
chain saw Sunday afternoon to cut through a high-capacity Internet
trunk line, part of the backbone of the Internet. Although the
thieves may have been seeking copper, there is no copper in
fiber-optic cable.

When workers went to fix the underground cables, they found that
the coil of replacement cable they brought from a warehouse had
been damaged by a gunshot, making it unusable.

The setback meant things weren't brought back up to speed until
Monday afternoon. The damaged trunk line is owned by Adesta
LLC of Nebraska but is leased by several Internet wholesalers,
including Cogent Communications, Level 3 and TeliaSonera.


[I've lost track; who is Adesta? Or rather... WHo did they buy out
who'd installed the fiber?]