more NSI whois changes

I've not noticed any outcry over the latest set of changes to NSI's
whois server yet, but some people might find these notes from our man
at the NIC useful...the web interface, which doesn't currently make
any mention of the changes (or didn't when I looked earlier), also
needs careful use now...

"The new Whois server requires additional qualifiers now be used:
This affects both Whois on the NSI web site and Whois from domreg>.
To ask WHOIS to search a certain field in the database, use the
following three keywords
(shown with their minimum abbreviation in all BLUECAPS):

HOst [HO] or [HO]
                                                    or [HO DCBLUES-HST]
HAndle or '!' [!cxk9] or [HA cxk9] or [HA KC86-ORG]
NAme or leading '.' [.kim, charles] or [NA Charles Kim]
Mailbox or contains '@' (no qualifier needed)

(ho, hos, host, ha, han, hand, handle, na, nam, name in lower case
work as well) Full details can be found by clicking 'Need Help? Click
here' from the Whois web interface."