more internic fun, and an idea

Hey all,

I started a domain change on 6-28-99. It took 3 more tries and a call on
7-28-99 to get anything done. Their excuse: Uh. We have had a backlog and
it is taking extra time to process.

Did they forget to change the excuse of the day calander or something.

I can understand 2 weeks at the most to process these simple changes.
But, they seem to take a lot longer when ever they feel like it. Also, if
you ever decide to call them call 703-742-0400 . This is the Admin
office. Just ask for customer service and you get right through. I have
never had a busy signal or had to wait more than 3 minutes.

Thank you,

Dan Bustillos
Datalink Computer Services
(530) 897-6400
(888) 328-4638