More hardware design (was Re: GigaRouter)

Avi Freedman writes:

[Alexis writes:]
> Does anyone know of a *small* rackmount case for PCs? By this I mean one
> that doesn't chew up quite so much vertical room as the usual boxes.

Yes, look in computer shopper. There are some short rack-mount PCs.
I'm trying to get pricing on them now.

Neat, you can tell me what you learn. :slight_smile:

And Crystal makes dream rackmounts;
4 across, 8 down in a 7' x 19" rack. But I suspect they're hideously
expensive. They use passive backplanes :frowning:

I've seen these. If you're going that route, you can use the Multitech case
or others with separable ISA backplanes. You'll get about the same density,
and I think it works out a whole lot cheaper.

> One of the annoying problems using an intel box instead of a sun is that
> there's no real console. If it dies, the only way to kick it remotely is
> with a remote-control power switch. These are expensive and unwieldy, not
> mounting nicely in racks.

I think I told you about these :slight_smile:
$500 or so from Black Box, 15 or 20amps across the whole switch, but it's
code-activated and has 8 outlets. I guess you'd probably plug it into a
terminal server port. [...]

Yes, in fact I noticed this while I was checking their catalog for the
switch info. 15amps, which is enough for 8 Intel CPUs, as long as you're
not running 4GB drives on each one.

> Lastly, I've seen this really neat rackmount chassis from Multitech. It's
> got 22 ISA slots, severable into up to 9 parts, and enough drive bays to
> actually run 9 separate servers. If you're looking for maximal density it
> seems like a good bet. The only problem I can see is that you'll need CPUs
> with both SCSI and viseo on board (thus my first question) unless you're
> willing to run on IDE drives. I figure that for light or medium-use servers,
> ethernet over ISA should be fine.

Roughly how much?

Um, well, I've run machines taking a few million web hits a day using ISA
Ethernet boards. I doubt you could push a machine to the wall without using
more than a T1. Maybe several T1s.