More BW, Less Taxes

Trans-oceanic capabilities will remain a bottleneck, but they
are not as problematic as in the previous decade. Witness Tyco
or any of the other folk that have cable-laying capability. Last
year they had waiting lines for boats. Now the boats are idle.
Too much capacity in water and no-one taking it up. (see first
point above)

Transatlantic bandwidth is becoming surprisingly cheap. It's now 50%
cheaper to get from New York to London than it is to get from New York to
San Jose.


Yeah I found that too Simon, in pricing up an STM1 London to NY not so
long ago I found the cost of the two tails from the landing sites to be
more than the actual transatlantic leg!

Maybe fiber prices are low, so the cost of dropping a cable in water is
low but the cost of labour etc to dig across a city remains high.