Month of NANOG Bugs

Month of NANOG Bugs

Team NANOG Whiners present the Month of Nanog Bugs

Every day for the next month, the NANOG Whiners Group
will introduce a new exploit and post this exploit to
the greatest networking list on this side of planet
Google Earth. With a special thanks to Vint Cerf for
being the ambassador of planet Google Earth.

Our focus is short, effective, simple, and to the
point: To eliminate possible unforseen future bugs in
the methods NANOG registrants post messages to what
is supposed to be a moderated list.

This month will be the time to cease posting the
kinds of messages that some on the list view as
harmful to the NANOG environment.

No more posting about viruses, worms and malware.

This is not relevant to NANOG as viruses, worms and
malware do not traverse any known networks, routers,
serial interfaces, ethernet, FDDI, token ring, FE,
GE and ATM interfaces. Conversations on malicious
traffic should be re-directed to’s
servers in hopes they can address issues with their
operating system

No more talk about contacting the admin of Network X

Extrememly irrelevant. Just because the administrators of
Network X are on the NANOG mailing list, Team NANOG Whiners
prohibits other engineers from acquiring the relevant
information on contacting said engineers in hopes to
mitigate and resolve network issues that affect hundreds
perhaps thousands of users worldwide.

No more talk about networking in general

Team NANOG Whiners is asking the NANOG community to
cease and desist posting informational clues as to
how to route, filter, and other operational topics
to the list. This ensures that no one on the NANOG
list receives any helpful information throughout
the course of the business day.

No more messages from the following individuals:
Steve Bellovin
Fred Baker
Michael Dillon
Randy Bush
Sean Donelan
Anyone from

While we’ve appreciated their insight and relevant
information throughout the years, it is Team NANOG
Whiners’ view that they have flooded our inboxes
for far too long with the kind of information one
would need a PhD in either electrical engineering,
computer science, a CCIE in Routing and Switching,
and or a CISSP CCNP CEH MCSE (combined). This is
not productive to us and interferes with our time
allocated to Youtube, IRC, Jennycam.

Team NANOG Whiners is committed to providing irrelevant
uninformational threads on the NANOG mailing list so as
to not affect the quality time of other engineers around
the world. Time is the most valuable substance on the
planet and allocation of this time is crucial in the
every day course of business.

Team NANOG Whiners is committed to ensuring that the
only postings that make it through to the NANOG list
are postings that ensure that engineers around the
world can dissect the information in realtime, and
use time the saved as unproductively as possible.

Team NANOG Whiners is committed to providing the
individuals that make this world a better place
with a pedestal so they can showcase their talents
that only they and only they possess. These talents
include pretending their from the ghetto which has
been mastered by the gracious bisexual transvestite
by Anton Kapela, and all other sorts of unheard of
talents including setting modes +kb #nanog and
#cisco on the EFNET.

Thank you and Happy April Fools.


Thank you and Happy April Fools.

Thank you and amusing but 10.342 hours early.