Monitoring tools for IPv6 tools


thanks for the link.

This was the best compilation that I found before. Unfortunately, this
presentation is a little bit old (2006). I am supposing that most of
commercial tools have improved your IPv6 support.

./diogo -montagner

Dunno. Were the customers pressuring the vendors to improve the IPv6 support,
or were they letting it slide because they didn't plan to deploy IPv6 till 2012
or so? :wink:

Personally, I stopped pressuring vendors that didn't support IPv6,
preferring to drop the completely and pick up one with equal or better
service who did. Sometimes this was easy, sometimes it was exceedingly
difficult. In every case when they asked why I said it was the lack of
IPv6 support because I've been running a dual stack network for years,
not as part of some future plan.