moderated NANOG?

Merit isn't going to moderate, or allow anyone else to moderate, this list.

However, if someone makes a "mod.nanog" mailing list and feeds it by reading
the regular NANOG list and forwarding (with original headers) all articles
which are not written by (or which follow up to) Fleming and Denninger, then
I for one would switch my subscription to the "mod.nanog" list. You would of
course have to forward "mod.nanog" articles back to the real NANOG list so
that those who want to see *everything* can do so.

Yes, "." is allowed in a mailing list name. Long live mod.all.

Ack. I second this. This is starting to look like cypherpunks: a large
number of kooks, lots of politics and back-stabbing, and little
information. No need to vote for a moderator, that will just create more
traffic. If you think you have what it takes, set the list up and announce

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