.mn.rr.com dns possibly hacked?

One of my customers, who's got a cable modem off of mn.rr.com is reporting
that roughly half the DNS lookups being done on their servers are returning
the IP to www.lolitasex.com. I have no idea how widespread this is, but
apparently others in minneapolis are seeing the same thing.

If any of you have customers asking why their website is now a porn site,
this may be why. :slight_smile:

-- Kevin

Is he running his on caching nameserver, or roadrunners?

I expect someone needs to upgrade their nameserver.


maybe an spoofing Attack.....


I use my Minneapolis (actually St Paul) RR Cable modem every day, all day
long for vpn access as well as personal use. Haven't seen a single problem
with dns resolution using mn.rr.com. I suppose it is possible that mpls and
st paul use different servers. I believe their primary is my secondary.

Sorry, didn't realize this was an old thread