mitigating botnet C&Cs has become useless

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>mentioned haven't worked at all. I'm just saying that
there >has to be a better way than police-type actions on
a global >scale. Also, I'm sure many more smart people

Personally, I think there is wiggle-room between what Gadi
surmises (persoanlly, I think he is playing Devil's
advocate), what everyone else may surmise as an effort
into nothingness, and what Vixie professes (if anyone
bothered to read what he forwarded -- I did, and very much

I read it all carefully. Twice. I'm not taking sides here.
Please don't put me in that position. I'm only beating a
point to death. Common NANOG futility. You know the
deal... :slight_smile:

I actually think there is _a_lot_ which can be, and should
be, done.

What? That's what I'm trying to find out, but I'm not as
smart as most, so I can only point out the things that I
believe definitely won't work and why I think that.
Hopefully by the application of flame to my butt by smart
people for saying what I do will spark some thought toward
the goal.

I actually think there is _a_lot_ which can be, and should
be, done.

Turning a blind eye is unnacceptable, and right now, ISP's
are in the spotlight w.r.t. doing just that:

There is _major_ room for improvement, so I guess the
relevant question becomes: Are people part of the problem
or part of the solution?

What's the measuring stick?

I get a 1984-like mgmtspeak feeling here. I don't know how
to respond except with this attempt (in order): what are
some suggestions for the major improvement, people are both
the problem and the solution (as in everything) and the
measuring stick is a noticable decline in the nefarious
deeds on the public internet.