mitigating botnet C&Cs has become useless


Yes, you're correct. I didn't mean to say the things you
mentioned haven't worked at all. I'm just saying that there
has to be a better way than police-type actions on a global
scale. Also, I'm sure many more smart people will work on
it for many more years and others will make billions more
before it's solved. But it needs to be solved on the same
playing field that the ugliness is occurring on. You don't
solve San Diego's slave trade by kicking ass on Indonesia's

Last, you're also correct that this is leading nowhere. I
made my point and have now beat it to death. Thanks for


Personally, I think there is wiggle-room between what Gadi surmises
(persoanlly, I think he is playing Devil's advocate), what everyone
else may surmise as an effort into nothingness, and what Vixie
professes (if anyone bothered to read what he forwarded -- I did,
and very much agree).

I actually think there is _a_lot_ which can be, and should be, done.

Turning a blind eye is unnacceptable, and right now, ISP's are in
the spotlight w.r.t. doing just that:,2000061744,39257307,00.htm

There is _major_ room for improvement, so I guess the relevant
question becomes: Are people part of the problem or part of the

What's the measuring stick?

- ferg