MIT network measurement probes

Given the current thread about unwanted network probe traffic,
I figured it would be a good idea to pre-announce this and
let people have a chance to put their netblocks on a deny
list in advance, if they so desire.

(Note: We'd really appreciate it if you'd let our probes go
through! It's an important part of some of the research we're

We're running some traceroutes and pings to observe the end-to-end
reachability of sites around the times of BGP route changes.
This means that if you have a stable network, you probably won't
see too many probes from us, but if you flap all the time,
you'll see up to a few probes per hour.
(One probe == one traceroute).

The probes are extremely low-bandwidth and as non-invasive as
we can make them, but if you'd like to be put on an exclusion
list for this and any other probing experiments our
research group runs, please send mail to:

Include all of the netblocks that you'd like excluded, preferably


   -Dave Andersen