MIT Hosed? (anyone from Ebay or Rogers available)

Looking for some help...

Net 18/8 seems to be unable to reach significant portions of the
Internet. I suspect that someone is advertising a bogus route for us.
None of the regular looking glasses show any problems though.

If anyone from Ebay or Rogers Cable (AS812) is listening, I would really
like to know what routes (and AS path) you have for net 18 so I can
track this problem down.

Please cc any correspondence so, an e-mail address not
serviced through MIT's infrastructure.



Problem solved (sort of). Thanks to all who helped. An <unamed> ISP was
leaking routes they picked up via a biazzare (and apparently
nonfunctional path). The last hop before the path got to us was Sprint
(AS1239) (which we are connected to). We have withdrawn our route from
Sprint which made the bogus routes go away and restored connectivity.
Fortunately I have other connections I can use. We are attempting to
contact <unamed> to get them to clean up their act.