misinformation and rumors from MCI


  I read your letter with a bit of a frown.

] Here's a piece of mail I just got forwarded to me by a customer, originally
] written by someone at "worlds.net". I wonder who at MCI is so incredibly
] misinformed about small ISPs, to the point of denigrating them?

] > [ 3rd party mail deleted]

] For the curious, our 7505 at MAE-West peers with 15 other NSPs/ISPs who
] are there, and since we don't buy transit from MCI the _only_ traffic that
] enters the MCI router is traffic for their customers. Anybody at MCI
] who is interested in educating their "regional directors" about how the
] technology actually works might want to do so soon.

  Imagine that, someone at an NSP is misinformed?!?

  Please, in the future, send this mail to the person's manager, not
  to the NANOG mail list. People make mistakes, obviously he made
  one, and I don't see any reason to drag them/him through the

  I've seen mistakes made by my customers, SprintLink, ANS, MCI, my
  technicians, and *gasp* even me. I don't think this is the
  appropriate venue for such things.