Mirroring web sites

Thanks for the offers of mirroring. In case anyone didn't notice, there
are some layer 8 & 9 issues going on. All the 'official' mirror sites
are currently under the control of the legislative branch of government.
The seperation of powers comes to the Internet. I have no inside
information, but expect the response to be posted on an executive
web site, e.g. www.whitehouse.gov.

Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon there should be about 5 official sites.
At the present time here are the mirror sites up and running:

  InternetMCI http://www.house.gov/icreport
  DRA Net http://thomas.loc.gov/icreport
  GTEI/BBN http://www.access.gpo.gov/congress/icreport

Media outlets looking for 'favored' access should contact the public
affairs office of either the House, the Library of Congress, or the
Government Printing Office. Access is controlled by the House of

I would ask anyone who has set up a robot to automatically check the
web sites for updated pages, and try to copy them, to make sure they
are well-behaved. Ill-behaved robots may be mistaken for a denial of
service attack, and action may be taken to block them. I don't know
what InternetMCI or GTE have prepared.