minor update to caida reverse traceroute meta-server

posted this last month

and in response to those who brought up
the obvious feature we should have included,
you can now search by specific as (number,
NIC name, state, city).
(thanks, those who encouraged us...).

nb that by 'nic name' i mean
the 'AS name' for e.g., 701 is 'ALTERNET'
(MCI, worldcom, etc don't work unless 701
changes its registered AS nicname)

uses http://netgeo.caida.org for geography information
  (if you haven't checked that out you should)

tnx to caida's wilfred dittmer, david moore,
       alex ma, brad huffaker, margaret murray

feedback/suggestions still welcome
(holler if you know of rvtr serversor looking glasses
we should add)