Mikrotik & OC-3 Connection

In terms of FOSS routing platforms, I think Vyatta has a better user interface than Mikrotik.
IMHO if the CLI is awkward then there a higher risk of misconfiguration.
I haven't used either enough to comment about stability.

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...not that I'd like to revert this to Mikrotic vs _vendor_, but *all*
Mikrotic-specific hardware that we have deployed has always accepted a
custom install of FreeBSD & Quagga, that boots directly from the same
type of media that the Mikrotic OS originally came on.

fwiw, the Quagga interface is very friendly to those who know Cisco.


Hello, all.

I am not sure is it suitable or not that I ask this question here.

My question is about "Tilera", a new multi-core processor provider, however,
they call themselves "Many-Core" to separate from RMI, Cavium, etc.

Tilera claims that their processor have a 2D mesh so they can put more
Cores(from 36,64 to 1K) in one Chip, while Cavium only with 1D bus, so
Tilera think they have a much higher performance.

My question is:
1 Is it true that Tilera revolutionarily improve the performance of
multi-core(or Many-core) processor?
2 If you make the choice between Tilera and Cavium, what do you prefer? Why?


BTW, its website is http://www.tilera.com/

There's been plenty of "multi-dimensional" processor interconnects over the
years. You should do some further research. :slight_smile:


(hypercube-connected O2000, anyone?)

There's been plenty of "multi-dimensional" processor interconnects over the
years. You should do some further research. :slight_smile:

The original poster totally failed to answer the single biggest unasked
question - "What problem are you trying to solve with a Tilera?". There's
large classes of problems that will run much better on a Tilera chipset. And
there's plenty of workloads that will totally suck on that hardware.

1K cores on a chip. All hanging off one memory interconnect. I think
that about says it all right there.

(hypercube-connected O2000, anyone?)

No thanks, I got like a half dozen of their ilk already.

Thank you. :slight_smile: