Mikrotik Cloud Core Router and BGP real life experiences?

Exactly what Faisal Said. The BGP process appears to be single threaded at
the moment. So taking on full BGP tables can be a bit slow compared to a
decent X86 box. But in terms of raw forwarding power they are pretty

We replaced a few Maxxwave 6 port Atom's with the CCR. ~400Mb/s and ~40K
pps aggregate across all ports. CPU load went from ~25% to ~0-2%. These are
in a configuration where they have little or no firewall/nat/queue rules.
And in most cases are running MPLS.

We've not had any issues with stability so far either (Knock on wood).

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PPPoE Server is single thread too.



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PPPoE Server is single thread too.

PPP package is getting a multicore upgrade in 6.8 or 6.9 release.

May introduce bugs but they are working to Multi core all the processes properly.